Yoga at Home

   -Amanda Baker, Soprano


Hey, I'm Amanda.


I'm here to share my passion for music and wellness through a wholistic approaching to singing.  I enjoy educating musicians of all ages to efficiently use their instrument for honest story telling.  I believe in maintaining productive singing habits by freeing the body of tension. Specific techiques include vocal pedagogy, inversion, roller, and breathing exercises.

I do my most fulfilling work when I connect with creative people, inspire individuality, and maintain balanced wellness goals.

And right now, that work manifests itself in performing, teaching, and coaching the lifestyle of a singing artist.

If any of these ideas align with your creative pursuits, let's connect. 


Wisconsin & Online

Hartland | Oconomowoc | Watertown 

Phone: 715-252-8868


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"Working with Amanda Baker during the spring of 2017 truly revolutionized the way I think about my voice. We explored techniques that enabled me to understand the ease required for singing above the staff, as well as the intricacies of resonance. The time we spent together was an amazing stepping stone for the Young artist opera program I attended during the summer of 2017. If not for our working together I would not have performed as successfully as I did. She was extremely prudent, diligent, compassionate, and encouraging. She is a grade-A 5-star teacher in my book!"

-Blossom Ojukwu 9/11/2017

Undergraduate Voice Student UMD
Classical Voice, In studio

"Amanda is a fabulous voice teacher! She is extremely skilled and works with a variety of material, including Broadway show music and Classical songs. She is caring and enthusiastic and has a wonderful, positive and professional rapport with her students."

-Diane Goldberg Marcus 11/17/2017

Owner & Director of Belvoir Terrace  

Vocal Training, In Studio