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Singing is about story telling. I believe in breathing in the emotion of each phrase; using an intentional and energized breath to color the notes according to the text and setting.


When the frame work of the body is free of tension the production of singing becomes consistent and sustainable. Building awareness of healthy singing is  the lifestyle of a singing artist. I believe in a balanced wellness routine including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational, and social wellness.

My greatest strength as a performer is that I can sing it all! I am not limited to any specific type of genre or style. My foundation in vocal pedagogy lends itself to a scientific approach to teaching.  I have sung predominantly in the Washington metropolitan area and South Central Wisconsin; internationally in Oxford, UK. I specialize in singing in multiple different languages such as French, German, Italian, and Czech. I have spent years training with world class voice teachers, music industry professionals, and performing artists in various genres such as classical, musical theater, jazz, and contemporary pop/rock styles.


Including: Disney's finest - Alan Menken, Mahattan Tranfer's Jazz singer - Janice Segal, Classical artists - Lisette Oropesa, Ben Heppner, and Lawrence Brownlee, and Musical Theatre Legends - Brian Stokes Mitchell and Audra Mcdonald just to name a few.

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